How Can You Prevent Having Your Car Towed?

Towing services provide an excellent service to the public by retrieving vehicles from places they shouldn't be. Of course, this can be frustrating if it's your car. While it is no fault of the towing service that your car gets towed, finding out about it can be a little frustrating, and you will no doubt want your car back as soon as possible. The towing service will let you know where you can go to get your vehicle if it has been towed, but it is best if it does not get towed in the first place. Here are a few pointers to remember so you don't get your car towed.

Never abandon your vehicle on the side of the road.

Abandoned vehicles are often towed for a few reasons. For one, the vehicle can be problematic for drivers on the roadway even though it is on the shoulder of the road. Secondly, it can be illegal to abandon a vehicle and leave it there for a long period in some states. The department of highways in your state will arrange to have your vehicle towed if it has been abandoned, and you may have to pay more than towing fees to get the car back. Therefore, it is best to simply call a towing service yourself if you do break down.

Never leave your car in a business parking lot.

Business owners are specifically adamant about not leaving a car parked in their parking lots for long periods. If you abandon your vehicle in a business parking lot, the business owner may have it towed because the car is taking up valuable parking space that would otherwise be available for other customers. Make sure any time you leave your car behind in a business parking lot, you quickly retrieve it, or even better, ask the business owner if it is okay to leave the vehicle temporarily.

Never ignore parking area rules.

The parking areas that you run into throughout your day as a driver will all have individual rules to be followed, and most of them do have signs posted so you understand these rules. If there is a parking spot clearly marked as belonging to someone else, pay attention. If a sign says one-hour parking only, then only leave your car for less than an hour. These rules are meant to be followed and not doing so could definitely get your vehicle towed.

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