Choosing The Right Parts For Your Heavy-Duty Truck

When you need parts for your truck, it is essential that you get the parts that fit correctly and are durable enough to stand up to whatever you need them to. There are some options when it comes to choosing parts, and taking the time to consider the best choice for your truck equipment and parts is essential.

New Parts And Equipment 

Trucks commonly used in the US typically have dealerships in several states that carry parts for the trucks they sell. There are advantages to buying new truck equipment and parts through the dealership. New parts fit the truck perfectly and are often the exact parts installed on the truck in the factory.

New parts also typically carry some warranty with them, and while that may not be as long as the factory warranty on the parts when they were first installed, it can be enough to make spending a little more for genuine parts worth it to many truck owners. 

Factory replacement or new parts are often the most accessible parts to get on newer trucks, and the dealer network for most major truck manufacturers is large enough to make it easy to find a dealer that has the part you need if your local shop does not. 

Aftermarket Parts And Equipment

Truck equipment and parts are available through some third-party manufacturers specializing in making aftermarket parts for many different trucks. These manufacturers work from the original specifications for the parts to try and recreate a part, and most of them are high-quality parts that work fine.

The cost of these parts is often lower than factory replacement parts, but often that is related to the cost of manufacturing. Aftermarket manufacturers may make the parts outside the US to save money, and because of that, the price of the part may be lower. 

The trade-off is that the parts made be made with lower quality materials, so they may not last as long as the parts you get from the dealership. Truck equipment and parts made by these aftermarket companies may carry a warranty, but be sure to ask the parts retailer to associate about warranties or guarantees on the parts before deciding to use them. 

When you are on a tight parts budget, the aftermarket parts may be the best way to save some money and keep your truck on the road, but you may need to replace it again down the road because it may wear out faster than the factory replacement parts.