Modern Classics With These Tips For Customizing Your Restoration With Modern Technology

There are various categories of auto restoration; some go all original, while others take more of a custom approach to restoring classic trucks. If you plan on driving your truck and using it, then you will benefit from a customization approach that gives your ride the modern comforts and tech that are found in new trucks. Here are some tips to help update your classic with modern comfort and tech:

1. Modern Brake and Suspension Upgrades for A Smooth Ride

Stopping power is important with any truck, but you want more than just good brakes. Upgrading the brakes on your classic truck can improve handling and make it safer. Make sure your brakes are modern anti-lock brakes that perform well. In addition, consider updating your suspension with things like stiffeners, shocks, and better springs for a smoother ride.

2. Upgrading to Fuel Injection for Reduction in Consumption

Older classics have truckburetors that provide the engine with fuel, which are sometimes difficult to adjust and the wrong adjustments can cause your motor to burn too lean or flood the engine with too much fuel. Upgrade your truck with fuel injectors to give the engine precision performance that can easily be adjusted to accommodate driving needs and conditions.

3. Perfect Performance with New Wiring Harness and Modern Tuning Chip

To complete your fuel injection upgrade, replace the wiring harness and add a new computer module to give you more options for performance settings. With a tuning chip, you will be able to adjust things like fuel air mixture with a swipe across the digital dashboard display that you add later.

4. Audio and Video for The Best Entertainment on The Road

If you really plan on driving your truck, you will want to have music and video, or even navigation. First, find a place where a modern dashboard display can be added, which can be connected to your tuning chip to give your performance information. In addition, you may want to have video in the seats, or backup cameras installed for parking.

5. Interior Automation and Wiring for Comfort on Long Highway Drives

Interior automation will help give your classic restoration project its final modern comforts. Install automatic windows and locks for comfort and control. You can even install remote start to crank your truck before you get in and start driving. In addition, consider wiring for outlets and connections for electronic devices.

With these customizations to your classic restoration, your truck will be as good as any you find in a dealership showroom. If you are doing a classic truck, contact a truck equipment and parts service to complete your project and get it ready for the road.